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If You Are Reading This, You have Already taken A Very Big Step

Give yourself a chance to begin a new life

I will be here to help you with

Relationship Issues

Find out what stopping you from having a healthy and balanced relationships. Why again and again you are getting into toxic relationships. Recognize your inner conflicts and patterns that you are not fully aware which will help you to change the aspects of yourself for healthier and happier relationships. Improve your self-esteem and communication skills.

Abusive relationships

Step by step in the atmosphere of trust and utmost care  you will begin a new life and  get your inner strength back . You will realize how many new opportunities you have and will have.  




Find out who you are, what makes you happy or stopping you from being happy. Recognize your inner patterns that you are not fully aware of and change the aspects of yourself for healthier and happier life. Become the best version of yourself. 


If you are experiencing feeling of depression it may be a signal for you that something is wrong in your life.  By and large, it comes into your life to save you, to move to a new level of development, to understand yourself. Use this opportunity and change your perception of life and yourself in atmosphere of trust and utmost care.


The first step of managing anxiety is understanding the roots of it, identification of the triggers. In a safe, comfortable atmosphere work out your inner conflicts, which are causing your anxiety. Learn to manage it easily implementing internal and external resources.

Acculturation difficulties

The new environment and situation very often exacerbate internal conflicts and internal weakness. I will help you to understand what stopping you from being successfully adapted to a new culture and conditions. You will increase your inner power and confidence, which will help you to reach your dreams in a new country. 


Are you satisfied with the way you handle life’s challenges? Would you want to understand psychological sources of your stress and to turn stress into strength? I will help you to find your own unique way of coping with different life’s situations and challenges effectively.

Low Self-Esteem

In outmost safe and care atmosphere dive in to the deepest roots of your self-doubt. Discover all beautiful colors of yourself and learn to love and appreciate yourself the way you are today!! 

Personal growth and self-actualization

We do not have to live by the plans that other have design for us.  You can become aware of the factors that influence your freedom and begin to design your own blueprints and make significant choices in your life. 

discover self-love

 When you start to truly love yourself you will understand that longing and suffering are only warning signals for you to understand that you are going against your nature. When you start to truly love yourself you will be free from everything that brings harm to your health: unhealthy food, toxic people, unwanted life situations, everything that leads you astray. You will start to do what really brings you joy and happiness, in your own rhythm. And this will be a love discovery, to yourself.

Recover your inner energy

Energy comes from your body, mind, your soul, your unconscious. When you change your thinking, treat your body right, reveal your unconscious, feed your soul, your energy will never end.. Your will reach your desirable weight, you will end your addictions, overcome your fears, anxiety, depression, toxic relationships. You will understand what part of you you was running from all the time, what part of you was trying to deny by drinking, taking drugs, what part of you you could not understand by getting anxiety and depression. I will help you to find your unique way for healing and transformation.

Helping to find happiness and harmony in life

Are you waiting for a perfect time, for the rain to pass? You think you will be happy when you find a perfect man a woman, when you buy a house or new car? When you have a child? What if you have to spend half of your life time just thinking about future or regretting your past ? We can help you to start to feel happy today, in this particular moment by discovering beautiful world inside of yourself. You will understand yourself more and will find your constant harmony and happiness today.

Personal crisis therapy

Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to admit that, despite your best efforts  you have a problem that needs time and effort to solve. It takes a lot of courage to say ‘this isn’t working’, especially when the ‘this’ is your life, or an important aspect of your life, and you have no idea about what the next steps might be. It is absolutely normal to ask for help.

I will help you to turn your crises into challenges which with the right approach will open up a lot of life opportunities.

Life transition therapy

Life transitions are periods in life involving lots of change to your lifestyle. They might also be a result of important events that make you stop and evaluate your life: starting or ending a relationship, getting married, getting divorced, having or adopting a child, starting a new job, attending school, experiencing significant financial gain or loss, buying or selling a home, health issues, etc. Whether positive or negative, life transitions cause us to leave behind the familiar and force us to adjust to new ways of living, at least temporarily. They can leave us feeling completely unprepared and we may be thrown into a personal crisis, feeling shocked, angry, sad, and withdrawn.

In the outmost conditions of understanding, comfort and care I will help you to manage any transition smoothly and to become stronger.

Helping in finding meaning and purpose in life

We are the only creatures who can reflect on our existence and exercise individual choice in defining our lives. Our quest for meaning involves asking three key existential questions: “Who I am?”, Where am I going?”, “Why?”. We face a rapidly changing world in which old values give way to new ones.  When you find that you cannot give yourself the help you need or get needed assistance from your friends and family, you can rely on our truly professional help in finding true you!! 


An essential dimension of the human experience is to be able to creatively function alone. Experiencing loneliness is part of being human. We may feel  lonelier when in the presence of others than we do when we are alone if we feel alienated from people or in conflict with them.

It is very important to recognize that certain attitudes and behaviors can create much of the loneliness we sometimes experience. I can help you to grow from such experiences by understand them and use them to renew your sense of yourself.

Help in reaching independence and life success

We all can have life filled with enjoyment instead of looking back in regret to all that we have not accomplished and experienced. Understand how you got where you are now and where you want to go from here. Find out what stopping you from being where you want to be and how to get to the point, which you always saw in your dreams.

Becoming the man or woman you want to be

To what degree have you made conscious choices regarding gender-role identity? What changes may you want to make?

Even though cultural pressure is strong toward adoption given roles as a woman or a man, we are not cemented into a rigid way of being. I will help you to become aware of our own values rather than role expectations that restrict you stopping from being real you. 

Life Coaching

I will help your mind work in a clear, focused and committed way to identify, design and fulfill your goals. It will be a process of transformation that will help you develop new skills, enhance your strengths, get to know yourself better,

Founder of Alesia Prudnikava Self-Discovery Institute

Alesia Prudnikava

Psychologist. Certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. Licensed Mental Health Counselor of Florida State( License # MH17278) and an active professional  member of American Counseling Assosiation

16 Years in practice


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