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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an aspect of coaching that follows a scientifically proven methodology based on neuroscience and positive psychology. This method focuses on the Coachee (client) creating a life plan incorporating all aspects, including: Personal, professional, relationships,  and quality of life.

I will help your mind work in a clear, focused and committed way to identify, design and fulfill your goals. It will be a process of transformation that will help you develop new skills, enhance your strengths, get to know yourself better, motivate you and establish measurable and achievable goals. Also, I  can help you to change in the way you wish and to move in the   direction you wish to go. I will offer the deepest  supports at every level in becoming who you want to be. 

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Focusing on topics such as:

Life Coaching

Dating Coaching

Coaching in appearance and self-care

Relationship Coaching

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