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Individual Therapy

When you find that you cannot give yourself the help you need or get needed assistance from your friends and family, it is ok  to seek professional help. Many people will avoid a trip to the dentist until they are in excruciating pain with a toothache. Likewise, many people wait until they are unable to function at home, at work, or at school before they reach out for professional help.

Much like you would consider working with a personal trainer to get in good physical shape, you can work with a therapist to improve your mental fitness. You’ll treat existing issues while you also build emotional resilience, which will leave you better prepared to handle whatever situations life throws at you.

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Treating Issues such as

Relationship Issues

Abusive relationships and marital issues

Difficulties in finding a life partner

Depression and Anxiety

Low Self-Esteem

Acculturation Difficulties

Personal Crises and difficulties in self-understanding and self-acceptance

Absence of enjoyment out of life

Treating Issues such as

Relationship Issues

Separation and Divorce



Acculturation Difficulties


Low Self-Esteem

Personal growth and self-actualization

self-love discovery

inner energy recovery

helping to find happiness and harmony in life

personal crisis therapy

Life transitions

meaning and purpose
in life


help in reaching independence and life success

women empowerment

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